Browning Safes

Browning Safes' proprietary technology and superior manufacturing techniques produce optimized protection from theft, fire, and untrained hands. Our safes provide industry-standard locks, steel hardplate lock protection, and precision-made diversion bar locking systems to guard against pry, punch, and drill attacks.Browning Safes deliver intelligently designed interiors and accessories that are more flexible, hold more guns, and allow you to explore the full potential of your safe.For your peace of mind, every safe we sell comes with the best warranty in the business.

Platinum Series

Besting bronze, silver, and gold, the Platinum gun safe takes top spot for security and durability, featuring an impressively thick 7-Gauge steel body, 28 total 4-way locking bolts, a Duo-Formed® Door, plus proprietary Uni-Force™ and OmniBarrier® Locking Systems. Enjoy peace of mind always and 1,750° ThermaBlock fire protection for up to two hours. (Platinum, Medallion, and Silver offer scene options)

Medallion Series

Made with a 10-Gauge steel body and inner plate, Uni-Force™ and OmniBarrier® Locking Systems, and nearly two hours of 1,700° ThermaBlock fire protection, the Medallion deserves an award for its impenetrability. Customize your Axis Adjustable Shelving and choose from 13 colors—the quality craftsmanship and reliability remain the same regardless. (Platinum, Medallion, and Silver offer scene options).

Silver Series

This Silver series gun safe offers exceptional security and industry-leading technology. Its patented DPX system and Axis Adjustable Shelving provide secure storage for your firearms, while the 1,680° ThermaBlock fire protection ensures complete peace of mind. With this gun safe, you can rest assured that your firearms are protected when you are away.

U.S. Series

Made for the modern gun owner with a variety of firearms in their arsenal, the American-made Armored U.S. safe packs industry-leading security technology, adjustable steel shelving, 1,680° ThermaBlock fire protection, and up to 49 long guns into a stylized package—complete with an American flag interior and optional Stars & Stripes exterior.

1878 Series

The 1878 features a rustic Metal Glaze finish, but between its 11-Gauge steel body, 3-way chrome-lined locking bolts, and 1,680° ThermaBlock fire protection, this high-security gun safe has a style your friends will envy.. With Axis Adjustable Shelving and an interior LED light, it’s easy to sort, store, and locate your prized possessions.

Hells Canyon Series

As spacious as its name suggests, the Hell’s Canyon can keep all your valuables safe—locked behind 11-Gauge steel, hardened steel pin lock protection, and Pry-Stop End Bolts. Enjoy American-made craftsmanship, top-of-the-line security technology, adjustable shelving, and for the finishing touch, sleek black chrome hardware.

Hunter Series

You’ll be ready to master every hunt with a superior storage system crafted right here in America. Confidently store up to 49 long guns behind a 12-Gauge steel body, nine 1” chrome locking bolts, a Force Deflector Locking System, and more premium security features. With adjustable wood shelving and a Quick Access Barrel Rack, the hunt never has to wait.

Rawhide Series

With the Rawhide’s faux leather lining and generous capacity—space for up to 49 long guns—you can show off your impressive collection and your rugged style in one premium safe. Your firearms are secured behind 11-Gauge steel, 14 3-way locking bolts, Pry-Stop End Bolts, and 1,680° ThermaBlock fire protection, it’s a powerful barrier that stands between you and disaster.

MP Blackout Series

Show off your patriotic pride with best-in-class craftsmanship and a sleek black American flag motif. Protect up to 49 long guns behind a 12-Gauge steel body, a 1” Formed Door, a Force Deflector Locking System, and more, then easily grab, go, and store again thanks to the Quick Access Barrel Rack, Pistol and Storage Pouches, and Two Carbine Barrel Loops.

Sporter Series

The versatile Sporter gun safe delivers impressive security and quality in a cost-effective package. Rely on durable 12-Gauge steel, 3-way chrome locking bolts, and up to an hour of fire and heat protection at 1,550°, and simultaneously configure your CMS Adjustable Shelving for the perfect personalized layout. 

BX Series

The BX Series keeps contents safe with a UL listed electronic lock and 45 minutes of fire protection up to 1,200° Fahrenheit, the BX Series deserves commendation for its best in class security. Rest assured that firearms can be stored away easily and with maximum confidence when you are away.

Primal Series

Relish in the straightforward security of a Primal safe, complete with a Quick Access Barrel Rack, convenient felt shelving, Force Deflector Locking System, plus a 12-Gauge steel body and 10-Gauge partial inner plate. Grab and go with ease, and enjoy peace of mind while you’re out.

TL-30 Series

Browning Safes ProSeries TL-30 is designed to provide highest security and fire protection for your firearms with its dual layers of 11-Gauge steel, 2-1/2" high strength aggregate concrete, and 120 minutes of 1,750° fire resistance. With its 1-1/2" diameter chrome bolts, four passive relockers, two back-mounted relockers, and the SG Mechanical or SG top-lit electronic lock, you can have the peace of mind that your valuables are kept safe.