Customer service and serial number identification

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ProSteel identifies each safe we manufacture by a serial number. This serial number allows us to understand the make, model, and production date of manufacturing and preset combination of the safe. The lock is tested with the combination in the manufacturing process to ensure the lock works correctly.

The serial number allows us to execute our limited warranty on the lock and lifetime warranty on break-in, attempted break-in or damage relating to a fire. It allows us to help the customer gain access when damage has occurred. Thousands of customers have utilized our customer service to help them gain access to their safe when they have forgotten the combination, are unsure of how the lock works or simply need help accessing the contents they have placed in their safe. We can only do that through the serial number.

For fifty years, ProSteel has not asked customers to register their safe in advance of needing service. Within the last several months we have made this an option for those customers that want to make themselves known to us in case they need assistance in the future. We will continue to give customers this option.

ProSteel will help customers gain access to their safe when all steps have been adhered to in validating them as the rightful owner of the safe. See our “Safe Combination Request Form” on our website,

We would never provide any third party, including law enforcement, with our customers confidential safe access codes unless compelled to do so by valid court order. After a review by our legal counsel and verification of the legality of the warrant or subpoena, ProSteel will then comply with the court order. Executive management will make the decision on disclosing the combination for any legally issued subpoena or search warrant when ProSteel is specifically named.

Our customers have the right to remove the serial number from the safe if they so choose, making it impossible for us to provide any assistance in restoring the combination. This also could affect the warranty on the safe. If a customer chooses to and asks ProSteel to delete their serial number from our system, we will, but this would also void the warranty as we would no longer have the ability to help the customer gain access to their safe.

At ProSteel Security Products, Inc., we value and respect the Constitution and our customers privacy rights.


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