About us

Browning Safes is the product of decades of innovative engineering and quality manufacturing.

We provide our customers with the best solutions for protecting their guns and valuables.

Our heirloom quality safes will be on the job for generations.

Patents & Features

The long list of patents for Browning Safes® includes the DPX® Door Storage Panel with its Quick Access Barrel Rack that allows the storage of gear, valuables, handguns, and long guns on the back of the door. Giving you double the number of firearms to which you have fast and easy access. The DXP Scope Saver lets you keep your optics on your long guns while stored in the safe.

Axis® Adjustable Shelving offers superior adjustability and is easily changed to meet your storage needs. Combined with our extensive list of accessories, you can create the perfect interior. And as your needs change, so can your accessories.

The OmniBarrier® Lock Protection System is a carefully engineered structure of steel hard plate and steel components designed to protect the safe lock from drill, punch and push attacks.

The Formed Door is engineered with a rugged steel face. Inner plate and reinforcement panels provide excellent strength and attack protection compared to the competition.

The Reinforced Door Frame means an integrated return flange strengthens the door opening of the safe for added pry and attack resistance.

Duo-Formed® Door is made from multiple layers of steel formed together to provide superior strength, pry resistance, and attack protection. A Full second panel offers outstanding strength and rigidity.

The patented Force Deflector™ Locking System is a rotating cam device that prevents prying or pounding forces to the bolts or handles from reaching the lock. It is superior to most locking systems used in the safe industry.

Pry-Stop End Bolts secure the critical door corners. Most than two and one-half times longer than regular bolts, they attach to a high-strength steel angle that prevents the locking bolt support bar from bending in a pry attack.

Pry-Stop Corner Bolts provide better protection than other pry-defense designs. Innovative long locking bolts extend diagonally from reinforced support at the corners of the door to protect against pry attack in these areas.

180° Heavy Duty Exterior Hinges allow the door to swing open 180° for unhindered access to the safe interior. Locking bolts maintain security if the hinges are cut off, and external hinges eliminate the need to remove insulation resulting in improved fire protection.

The Gear Drive™ Locking System is used in the finest Pro-Series locking mechanism. It uses robust cam locks and an extensive, multiple diversion bar system to prevent bolt or handle pressure from reaching the lock. Forces go to the cams and diversion bars for protection unmatched by other locking systems.

The Hardened Pin Lock Protection countermeasure protects the locking mechanism from drill attacks. When a drill bit attempts to breach the pins, they are designed to roll, helping prevent the bit from grabbing the material where it can bore through and eventually reach the lock.