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The DPX Difference

Author Scott Nesbit Date 20 Mar 2023
Our competitors say they can hold more long guns. This video shows why they are wrong.

One of the reasons Browning Safes has 'Superior Interiors' is the DPX® door panel. The patented DPX panel increases long gun storage with a rack on the safe's door. This ability delivers more long gun capacity along with faster and easier access to more of your guns.

Some of our leading competitors have claimed that the door rack reduces long gun storage and usable storage space inside the safe. 

We wanted to end that question with a side-by-side comparison video of a Browning Safe and one of our leading competitor's safe of a similar size and capacity. This video reveals the truth: the competition is wrong.

Here are the dimensions for our competitor's safe.

  • Exterior dimensions: 60.5" x 30" x 24.5"
  • Interior Dimension: 56.25" x 27" x 21"
  • Cubic Feet of Storage: 25.7

Here are the dimensions for our Browning Safe.

  • Exterior dimensions: 60.25" x 29.5" x 25"
  • Interior Dimension: 55" x 25.5" x 17.25"
  • Cubic Feet of Storage: 25.7

We then loaded a collection of long guns, content boxes, and handguns into each safe. Both could hold all the content boxes and handguns, but the Browning Safe could hold five additional long guns. Nine of the long guns were easily accessible and could be removed from the safe without moving another long gun first. Only two of the leading competition's twelve long guns were easily accessible.

Bottom line, in a nearly identical-sized safe, the Browning Safes DPX interior allows:

  • 42% more long gun storage
  • 4X more long guns that are easy to access.

More capacity for long guns, easier accessibility, and the exact same shelf capacity are why Browning Safes' DPX® door panel is the better choice.

Did we mention that the DPX® has sewn-on pistol and gear pouches, the MOLLE system, and our patented DPX Scope Saver®. This unique recessed panel protects scopes and increases gun capacity. 

The more you know about safes, the better our Browning Safes look.

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