The Pro Series

You asked for the finest finishes and fiercest fire protection. We delivered it. Pro Series models include top-of-the-line security features, including premium oversize MAX bolts, advanced Gear Drive Locking Systems, and Thermablock fire insulation. Elevate your safe with our capped hinges, beveled corners, and luxurious interiors. Turn Pro Series firearms storage into the centerpiece of any room.

TL-30 Series

Browning Safes ProSeries TL-30 is designed to provide highest security and fire protection for your firearms with its dual layers of 11-Gauge steel, 2-1/2" high strength aggregate concrete, and 120 minutes of 1,750° fire resistance. With its 1-1/2" diameter chrome bolts, four passive relockers, two back-mounted relockers, and the SG Mechanical or SG top-lit electronic lock, you can have the peace of mind that your valuables are kept safe.

Pinnacle Series

Peak gun safety is now available. With room for up to 65 guns, the Pinnacle safe makes organization easy with Axis Adjustable Shelving, a Quick Access Barrel Rack, a Pistol Shelf and Rack, and a Scope Saver. Store your impressive collection behind 7-Gauge steel, a GearDrive™ Locking System, MAX End and Corner Bolts, and more. (we should mention the additional ¼” inner plate inside the door)

Prestige Series

A safe that garners the respect you deserve, the Prestige combines sleek design features like simulated leather and continuous welding with impressive security technology, including a 10-Gauge steel body, MAX End and Corner Bolts, an SG® Mechanical or Top Lit Electronic Lock, and almost two hours of smoke, fire, and heat resistance up to 1,700°.

Deluxe Series

Anything but basic, the Deluxe gun safe guarantees peace of mind with its 11-Gauge steel body, Pry-Stop MAX End Bolts and 4-way MAX Locking Bolts, and fully reinforced door frame. Stash up to 65 guns using your Axis Adjustable Shelving, Pistol Racks, Scope Saver, Pistol Pouches, 5 hooks, and Quick Access Barrel Rack.